Cocaine Boss May Testify Against Noriega

MIAMI - Carlos Lehder, the most important Colombian cocaine boss ever jailed by the United States, is expected to testify for the government early this week in the drug-conspiracy case against former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega.

Sources close to the case said Lehder, serving a life term but offered a deal for his testimony, was moved secretly from prison in Illinois to a Miami cell recently.

His testimony could follow that of Panamanian drug dealer Ricardo Bilonick, who has testified that he worked closely with the Medellin cartel to promote cocaine sales, via Panama, to the U.S. - providing about $10 million in kickbacks to Noriega.

There has been considerable arguing among federal officials about whether Lehder should testify, a source close to the trial said. "He's a loose cannon," the source said. "I think he's dangerous to the case.""