Case Dismissed -- Disgraceful Conduct By Oliver North Serves As A Poor Role Model

Editor, The Times:

Oliver North is a disgrace to the U.S. Armed Forces, both active and retired. He is a disgrace especially to the Marine Corps and their great traditions and history. If there is an outcry of foul within their ranks it is either muted or unheard.

Where is their pride? Where is the pride and where is the responsibility of our elected officials? And where is the pride of other Americans who actually pay to hear Oliver North speak?

He obviously offers no regrets for shaming his uniform or his country so what could he possibly offer for such a price tag? A role model for our youth and citizens on how to destroy and steal government property? And how to get away with that crime and still collect a yearly $23,000 pension paid for by taxpayers? And what about other service men and women who were court-martialed or dishonorably discharged for lesser offenses? This is justice?

I join many others in viewing Oliver North as just another of the arrogant sleazies operating within the past two Republican administrations, and I am not a Democrat! I hope I can find some worthwhile candidates to vote for in the next congressional and presidential election who can better handle matters of pride and justice. Where, oh where is Dan Evans? - Lodean Mallamo, Mercer Island