Wife Jailed After Husband Says She Tried To Burn Him

A woman in West Seattle has been jailed on suspicion of trying to set her husband on fire.

The 56-year-old woman was jailed after her husband reported three attempts in the past two weeks to set fire to their West Seattle home or him.

No one was injured but police found a small portion of carpet that was burned and found evidence of a fire that had been set on a table.

The husband, 60, told police that he was watching television Monday when his wife lit some paper and threw it at him. When he stomped it out she poured gasoline over a table and lit it, he reported. On Sunday, his wife lit some paper on fire behind him while he was sitting in a chair, and two weeks earlier she had ignited finger nail polish in a can and put it on a window sill, the husband reported. The most recent episode had been preceded by a fight, police were told.