$1,387,571 Awarded In Wrongful Death


The family of a Port of Seattle electrician, injured fatally in a crane accident on the waterfront in 1988, yesterday was awarded $1,387,571 in a wrongful-death suit alleging negligence by the crane manufacturer.

A King County jury deliberated for a day and a half before concluding that the firm, PACECO Inc. of Gulfport, Miss., was responsible for the accident that killed Jack Perry, 46, at Terminal 30.

Perry was crushed to death while working on a catwalk, preparing one of the giant cranes for operation on container cargos. The award, including general and economic damages, was made to Perry's widow, Janet, of Lynnwood, and $20,000 each to their three children, Ronald Perry, Tami Nolan and Tori White.

John A. Hackett, attorney for PACECO, argued that Perry and others failed to exercise due care. The case will be appealed.

The Port of Seattle Commission last year named a waterfront viewpoint at the north end of Terminal 30, 2715 E. Marginal Way S., in his honor.