Nudists Are People, Too; They Plan To Clean Up Area


Nudists will be out cleaning a section of Interstate 90 near Issaquah this Saturday to demonstrate their commitment to a clean environment.

These nudists, however, will be fully clothed.

Chuck Hutchins, spokesman for the Fraternity Snoqualmie Family Nudist Park at the foot of Tiger Mountain, says his group wants to demonstrate to the public that it isn't "just another nudist colony."

"We have a lifestyle that's healthy and pure," says Hutchins. "We're part of the community."

Hutchins says Fraternity Nudist Park, open since 1938, is the oldest nudist park in the Northwest.

He says that anyone who comes out Saturday to watch people cleaning the highway in the nude would be disappointed. "It's against the law to do that," Hutchins says. "But we will have a pick-up truck with a phone number on it if people are interested in finding out more about us."