Keeping Kids Entertained

Parents' Choice, a quarterly review of entertainment for children, last month announced its winners for 1990. Some of the recommended products and their manufacturers:


``A Little Princess,'' Public Media Video. Ages 8-10.

``Cappelli & Company, All Aboard the Train,'' A&M Records. Ages 2-6.

``Baby's Nursery Rhymes,'' Hi Tops Video. Ages 1 1/2-4.


Fisher-Price Perfect Fit, GameTek.

Jeopardy! Jr. Edition, GameTek.

Chip'N Dale Rescue Rangers, Capcom.


Toddler Tractor and Cart, Little Tikes. Ages 1 1/2-3.

Deluxe Awesome Tower, Darda. Ages 5 and up.

Endangered, Family Games. Ages 8 and up.


``Elizabeth and Larry,'' by Marilyn Sadler. Simon & Schuster. Ages 4-8.

``Maxie, Rose and Earl - Partners in Crime,'' by Barbara Park. Knopf. Ages 8-12.

``The Mouse Rap,'' by Walter Dean Myers. Harper & Row.


``Uncle Wizzmo's New Used Car,'' by Rodney Greenblatt. Ages 4-8. Harper & Row.

``The Wheels on the Bus,'' by Paul Zelinsky. Ages 4-8. Dutton.

``Shrek,'' by William Steig. Ages 6-9. Farrar Straus & Giroux.


``All Hail the Queen,'' by Queen Latifah. Tommy Boy. Ages 10 and up.

``1990, A New Decade,'' by Soul II Soul. Virgin. Ages 10 and up.

``Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em,'' by M.C. Hammer. Capitol. Ages 10 and up.

``Did You Feed my Cow: Songs of Ella Jenkins,'' by Fred Koch. Red Rover Records. Ages 3-8.

``Amigos de la Familia,'' by Jim Newton, Paul Stookey and Friends. Celebration Shop. Ages 7 and up.

``1-2-3 for Kids'' by the Chenille Sisters. Red House. Ages 7-12.


``Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue,''

GameTek (for IBM and compatibles). Ages 5-8.

``Call the Parrot,'' Hartley Courseware (for Apple II). Ages 8-10.


``Eureeka's Castle,'' Nickelodeon. Ages 1-3.

``The Ghost of Faffner Hall,'' HBO. Ages 6-9.

``The Simpsons,'' Fox. Ages 10 and up.

``Music Magic,'' produced by KING-TV. Ages 6-10.