Gwynn Abandoned Padre Teammates, Jack Clark Says

SAN DIEGO - Tony Gwynn abandoned his San Diego teammates, then bad-mouthed them behind their backs, Padre first baseman Jack Clark says, fueling a season-long feud that has split the team.

Gwynn has been avoiding teammates since his season ended two weeks ago with a finger injury, and he refused an offer from the club's traveling secretary to accompany the Padres on their final nine-game road trip.

``He walks out on us and makes comments behind our backs and we're supposed to leave it alone?'' Clark told reporters covering the team after the Padres' 2-1 victory Friday night at Cincinnati.

``By not being with the team, what is he saying to the San Diego fans? What does he really mean? Is he blaming us because he didn't win the batting title? Is it our fault, my fault or what?

``I don't think anybody on this team said they wanted Tony to be a cheerleader or anything like that. I think he uses that to cover some bad feelings. Maybe he was upset because they made me a contract offer before they made him one. I'm not saying that's the reason, it just could be a combination.''

Gwynn, reached Friday night at his home in the San Diego suburb of Poway, declined to comment.

His request for a contract renegotiation was rebuffed during spring training. He was the seventh-highest-paid player on the San Diego payroll this season, receiving $1 million.

Daniels injured

-- SAN FRANCISCO - Kal Daniels of the Los Angeles Dodgers suffered a partially collapsed lung in a collision with a padded outfield wall Friday night and will not be able to return home with his teammates tonight.

Daniels, who is batting .296 with 27 home runs and 94 runs batted in, will remain in the Bay Area while his teammates go home for their final series of the season against San Diego. Because of the condition of his lung, he will not be allowed to fly in a pressurized cabin.


-- The San Diego Padres are expected to make Joe McIlvaine, New York Met vice president of baseball operations, their new general manager, the New York Times reported.

-- Milwaukee Manager Tom Trebelhorn, in a candid discussion of a miserable and disappointing season, said his job will be on the line in 1991 if the team doesn't improve.