Protest Doesn't Deter Sam Kinison's Attack

Sam Kinison and the Outlaws of Comedy last night at the Paramount Theatre; and Elayne Boosler and Ron Reid Friday night at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Sam Kinison used the protest against him outside the Paramount last night as a running joke in his hour-long comedy routine.

While a near-capacity audience whooped in approval, the screaming shock comedian ripped at the protesters, many of them gay activists objecting to Kinison's AIDS jokes and other sexist and racist material.

``Beginning a barrage of anti-gay entertainment . . . ,'' the comedian began, as many in the crowd jumped to their feet, pumped their fists in the air and cheered him on. ``I always thought they were supposed to be like gay, happy.''

He then went on to ridicule a number of people he categorized as homosexual, including Richard Simmons, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Gere and the Pet Shop Boys. What he said about them cannot be printed here.

As for his attitude about women, the squat, neckless comic - wearing his usual flasher-style black raincoat, with a bandana covering his bald spot - joked, ``I love women. I live with two of 'em. Whaddya want?'' He said this leading two women in bondage gear around the stage on a dog leash.

Later, Kinison repeated one of his bits that has angered AIDS activists. Its punch line: ``Name one straight guy who died of AIDS.''

``Ryan White,'' someone yelled out. And much of the crowd went


``Okay, you got me there,'' Kinison admitted.

But he returned to the anti-gay vitriol later, insisting that he has to deal with controversial topics.

``I'm a comedian,'' he argued. ``If you came here to listen to a lecture about social diseases, you came to the wrong place. A comedian has to do these subjects.''

Friday night at the 5th Avenue Theatre, another comic performed for twice as long, and was three times as funny.

Elayne Boosler, whose act requires some intelligence to appreciate, opened her show with a shot at Kinison. ``I'll try to be as hateful as possible tonight for those of you who couldn't see his show,'' she joked.

Pacing on the big stage in a white pants suit, the curly-haired funny lady - probably the top female comedian - talked about the battle of the sexes, women's issues, politics, her dog Petey and her love of baseball. She tried to create some laughs by chatting with the audience - a staple of her club act - but it didn't quite work in the expanse of the ornate theater.

About the only topic she shared with Kinison was condoms. He said men hate them, and blasted gays for forcing them to be put to use. She agreed that they're no fun, but found much humor in the topic. They're the reason, she said, ``that no single woman in America has a wicker wastebasket in her bedroom anymore.''

Among other Boosler zingers:

-- ``I read in a magazine that cars are an extension of the male anatomy. No wonder they get so mad when you cut them off.''

-- ``I had the most expensive meal in my life today. Breakfast at the airport.''

-- ``My parents are 92 and smoking cigarettes and drinking Jack Daniels. And I'm at the store buying Oat Doodles.''

-- ``Jews are born with guilt, and Catholics have to go learn it in school. Everybody ends up at the shrink. What's the difference?''

-- ``There's a shampoo on the market called `Gee You're Hair Smells Terrific.' I hope that company doesn't make any feminine-hygiene products.''