Public Encouraged To Adopt Wetlands

You've already adopted a stream? How about a wetland?

The Snohomish County Planning Department and the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation tell how in their new publication, ``Adopting A Wetland, A Northwest Handbook.''

The book is a companion volume to the foundation's book, ``Adopting A Stream, A Northwest Handbook,'' available through the University of Washington Press.

Both volumes encourage citizens to take responsibility for streams or wetlands by mapping them, researching their ecology, monitoring their health and educating neighbors about their economic and environmental values.

The book also explains how wetlands, previously viewed as useless swamps, now are recognized as important soggy spots that help control flooding and purify groundwater.

The wetland book, supported by money from the Washington State Centennial Clean Water Act, is available for $5, plus $2 in postage and handling, from the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation, P.O. Box 5558, Everett, WA 98206.